You define yourself!

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” – Bhagawad Gita.

At Chetan’s home during dinner, met Prakash who is doing is his Ph. D in Bio-med at Temple University. He talked quite a bit about sahaja yoga and how Kundalini can be invoked. I will try to attend some classes at Lansdale. Chetan’s home was in beautiful Bucks county. The development was beautiful and the architecture inside was great – many nooks and corners and good utilization of vertical space; lighting was abundant. They had done some landscaping on their own. Poornima and Harish were there. Vikas had a great time with the kids. Sadly, he was bitten twice by the youngest son of the host who is a 2 1/2 year old. Hopefully, it isn’t anything serious. We saw bite marks today which concerned me. Met Sujay and Mamta after a long time. Sujay used to work at ASI like six years back. We chatted quite a bit.

Lunch was at Surmeet’s. They had a religious gathering – something like the Satyanarayana Pooja Hindus do. Lots of people. Met Ravneet Singh of HP Information Management. He does a lot of data mining kind of work. Halwa was great; food was great too.

Today morning, Rama and I had coffee on the patio. There were numerous birds chirping and cooing! It was wonderful. I saw a lot fo weeds on the grass and we contemplated getting more grass sowed in the near future.

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