Positive thoughts and grass?

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
Willie Nelson quotes (American country western singer).

If you have a lawn or follow closely one since its beginning, you will notice that from a distance the lawn looks full. As you approach it, you will see those barren areas (however small). The same was true of ours too. Then in a few weeks time, there were those weeds – filling up every space in-between. I learnt that once there is enough grass and no space between, there will be no weeds.

Now, why am I talking grass when the title is about Positive thinking? The grass is alike to Positive thoughts. The more there is, the less of the negative thoughts that grow in your mind. Make sure you fill your mind with positive thoughts and see the weeds of negative thoughts banish. Negative thoughts arise due to many reasons – self-doubt, envy, failure, rejection, etc. Another prime reason for negative thoughts is your own assumptions. I have found almost most of my assumptions about people are wrong. Remember, ASSUME can be broken into ASS-U-ME i.e., assuming makes an ass out of u and me!

I looked at the AAPL ads yesterday. They simply swept me off the feet! They get the point across very effectively. The touch screen interface is the coolest thing on planet Earth right now! Soon everyone will be flicking away pages on their iPhones. I placed a limit order for AAPL yesterday night. Hopefully, it gets filled. To note, Apple hasn’t hit the target price of two analysts yet – at about 125-135, there is still room for growth!

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