Can you cease thinking?

“Yoga is the cessation of mind.” – PATANJALI, The Yoga Sutras

Can you not think for sometime? Per the texts, not thinking for 12 seconds is concentration, not thinking for 12×12=144 secs is meditation and not thinking for 12x12x12 = 1728 secs is Samadhi. So far, I have managed a little more than 12 seconds, so I should be on my way to Nirvana? I am hopeful it is possible.

But why should do you not think? Well, the mind is like a sponge. If it keeps thinking it gets rather soaked and becomes unable to process information. So it is necessary to rest it. When you rest it, you are draining – in a good way – it of activity and helps it to rest. After some rest, it will assume it true sponge-like originality. It is easy. Just observe how much better you can do a job after a good night sleep. Since we cannot sleep all the 24 hours, we need to take time off to meditate and let the mind not drift into its chain of thoughts. Easy said than done? Well, all you need to do is to focus on one object and just keep track of the object. There is no thinking or analysis or anything. Just be aware of the existence of the object. It helps keep the mind alert and relax. The breath is an object that can be used by anyone to keep note of for meditation.

AAPL is doing great! It took a brief dip and is now back near $124. RIMM is even better. It reach $175+ and there was some profit taking today at low volume – nothing to worry. There was some news that Apple is getting into making the iPod a navigation device. That would be a great addition and great way to slowly consolidate all the different pieces of personal devices out there. Watch out GRMN!

Kevin called last week and wasn’t positive. Well, what can you do? We celebrated Vikas’ upanayanam last Sunday. It went very well. The pooja was great. The Shastrigalu wasn’t reasonable about the cost; but we let go at that.

Remember, practice to keep the mind still for some time at least. Bye now.

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