Do or do not, there is no try.

Yoda speak is one of my favorites. Remove the word try from the language. It is a great thing to teach to children.

Labor Day weekend was spent in Williamsburg, VA and Virginia Beach. After being to Disney, Busch Gardens feels alright. I felt there is so much more life at Disney – maybe it is because it is all about children. Colonial Williamsburg was wonderful. We were there at about 3 PM and realized the $35 pp fee for 2 hours (most buildings close at 5 PM), was not worth it. But we were free to walk in the city; that we did. The Governor’s palace is on the most magnificent buildings. The brick building is imposing and elegant – nice entrance way. The servant’s quarter’s looks like a luxury house of more recent times.
The beach was great, though. The weather perfect! The waves were typically 4-5 feet at their height (or maybe 3-4). Eight years back, when we vacationed at VB, we fell to a sales pitch and booked a hotel on the bay. The Bay was calm and yes, the sunset was great. But we realized we were looking for more ocean. On the way back to home, we had stopped at the beach and had loved it. This time, we went straight to it. The Renaissance Hotel at Portsmouth was just wonderful. The view of the waterfront was awesome, especially during sunset and at night. Vikas had a great time at the water.

On the way back, we drove over the Chesapeake bay bridge. It is one of the man made wonders of the world, if I remember right. The views and drive itself is breath-taking. The big boulders at the bottom of the stops and the water crashing and the serenity surrounding reminded us of the Vivekananda Memorial near Rameswaram, India.

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