Nothing happens unless we first dream

Carl Sandburg’s quote is something to keep in mind always. There are times when we all have a goal and work towards it. We feel the sense of satisfaction when we have achieved it. You feel on top. Then the drain begins. It took me the past 8 months to realize that I didn’t have a specific goal. Till then I had the goal of finding a dream job and I found one in Aprimo (no job is perfect, anyway). After that, I went through a phase of not having any motivation. The day before, it dwelt on me that I didn’t feel motivated as I didn’t have a goal. Simple. That stuck in my mind. Now I have two goals.

i) On-par/better Project Manager at Aprimo. Aprimo is a great company with everyone a right to claim to be the best. My goal is to get on-par with these or better them. For now, I need to get to know the work I am doing and will be doing very well enough. This is my initial step.

ii) To be able to consider our mortgage not an issue. With my success in investing (every success is relative, of course), I have set a goal to earn enough money through investing to be able to feel comfortable paying off our mortgage any time I need to. This will take a few years, undoubtedly.

The above goals have convinced me that I am motivated more than ever than in the past 8 months.

To the Goals add a sense of humility. Humility is what makes you always feel guarded, be open about taking inputs from others and learn from others.

Be Happy and the God in you streams out!
Bye now


  1. Aprimo sucks, never met anyone who honestly likes that company, customer or worker; get a life dude!

  2. Wish you the very best. I sincerely hope you achieve both your goals.

    From the West Coast!

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