Managing stress the Bagawad Gita way.

Now, if you are one those very few individuals who doesn’t experience stress, please let me know what your strategies are for combating stress. One of the common reasons please attend a yoga class is to reduce their stress levels. Yes, after the class you feel relaxed and de-stressed. However, you have to recognize that this feeling is temporary.

Now what exactly did help during the class. Yes, there was stretching and their was correct breathing and then, there was relaxation. But, and this is a big but, the actual reason was something else. The fact that you immersed yourself in an activity is the single most reason that helped. The whole session, you were practicing concentration – on a single activity.

So many people don’t attend yoga classes and yet they are calm and balanced. If you study their daily lives, you will see that they are involved with an activity or activity (their work) deeply. That keeps the mind from churning out thoughts needlessly. That focus is what is essentially you would practice in a meditation session. Remember, you choose an object such as breath and try to maintain focus on it. Involving in an activity is taking this meditation to a much larger level.

In the gita, such an involvement is termed Karma Yoga – the path of action. Lord Krishna says you can achieve Yoga or Self-realization either by Karma yoga or Jnana Yoga. Jnana Yoga is path to Self-realization by attaining knowledge. He even says, Karma Yoga is the superior way to Yoga.

So try identifying what you want to involve yourself in. This work is best if the definition comes from the bottoms of your heart – it should be the purpose of your life. It need not be grandiose such as serving the world. It could be taking care of your dear ones or your love of children. Such an activity is what your prescription is from getting stressed out.

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