Mix and match beauty and ego…

Add Beauty and ego to the equation and we come up with interesting combinations:

a) Those who are beautiful and have no ego and b) Those who are beautiful at heart and no ego: These are the kind not to care about beauty for beauty’s sake. The Being in them enhances their beauty. Once they get past the reproductive stage, their loving and caring takes over and they make a huge difference in this world. Think of those social workers, nurses, caring wives and mothers, etc.

c) Those only with ego: Not quite the majority, at least in my world. In case of a woman, this goes against nature – no man would seek her out, unless you are an rich Sheik with an Harlem and if ego alone satisfies you!

d) The fourth kind is ego and beauty packed into one. These are what is called vain people. They want all the attention all the time.

Where ego rules, fairness takes a back seat, judgement gets clouded. This blog may be pointless to some, but thought I should blog anyway 🙂

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