Simple Medication for anxiety…

Are you one of those types who get anxious in the middle of the night? Or, are you starting to notice more anxiety in your life?

Say, you wake up in the middle of the night and roll around but never get back to sleep. At this moment, you will notice that your mind is not really sleeping. Somewhere, somehow a thought or worry would have crept in and that starts to balloon. Maybe, it is your worry about your child or about your spouse or whatever.

The best thing to do at this time is to get off the bed! Have a small cup of water. If you don’t find yourself feeling the urge to get back to bed, you shouldn’t. The best thing to do at this time is to practice meditation. It is a great way to calm the nerves. So here is what to do:

a) Find a space to sit comfortably – either on a chair or on the carpet or if maybe, even the bed.

b) Keep your back straight and relaxed.

c) Slowly start to focus on the breath. Just hear the sound of the breadth in and out, in and out. The longer you can hear of it, the better. Don’t strain yourself to focus – beginner have a tendency to do just that. Mildly be aware of the sound and slowly you will start to hear more of it without effort. Without effort – is the key.

d) Still, the back of your mind will be attached to the thoughts. If these become dominant then you won’t hear the breath as much. At this time, you know you need to listen to the breath again. Once the message (of losing track of the sound) is registered in your mind, you will be reminded unconsciously.

e) Practice this technique for as long as you can. Remember, going back to bed without fully quieting the mind is counter-productive; you will find it hard to get back to sleep.

After some time, you will notice you can sleep more peacefully. Also, I find this practice before going to bed is extremely effective in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Hope this helps.


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