Asteya or Non-Stealing

The first step in Raja Yoga is the practice of the Yamas or the restraints. In the past weeks we had talked about the first two – ahimsa or Non-violence, Satya or truth. The third Yama is Asteya (pronounced a-stey-ya) or non-stealing. This is certainly the most obvious thing – we don’t take what doesn’t belong to us, be it in material form or in thought or in any abstract way. Asteya also has other deeper significances. If someone trusts us or confides in us, we don’t take advantage of him/her. We also fail when we steal from ourselves – not utilizing a talent you might have or letting a lack of commitment from practicing Yoga. Yoga practice is not just practicing postures and breathing techniques, it is the best and rightful practice or leading of life.

[From an April 2006 newsletter Evolution article that I wrote]

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