Nothing you do is too small

These days where multi-tasking is considered an essential skill, have you taken the time to just sit down and let go of it all? At the end did you miss anything during at all? In all likelihood, you wouldn’t have and would have emerged much calmer and clearer. Nothing works for efficacy as much as clarity; clarity is a result of deep calmness within.

Nothing what you do is too small: During his speech at Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, spoke just 273 words while taking about 2 minutes to finish it. Earlier, Edward Everett had given a keynote speech recounting all of the civil war in over 2 hours. After the spech, Lincoln turned to a friend and said ‘That speech won’t scour! It is a flat failure and the people are disappointed.’ There was little applause by the crowd after listening to a long speech earlier.

Edward Everett wrote him a letter, telling him, ‘I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central theme of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes.’ Those 273 words became the most famous speech an American president ever would make. Moral of the story: Don’t think whatever it is you are doing is small in any way. Continue to do what you believe in. You need a super calm mind to fully realize your potential. Practicing Yoga is a sure-fire way to such Self-realization.

[From a March 2006 email sent to students]

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