Setting up a home practice

We all know that half an hour’s worth of Yoga practice makes you feel so much better. Yet, few of us can establish a home practice that is key to sustaining the benefits. There are a lot of reasons in today’s liefstyle that keep you from the practice. While the list can be long, the question is what can we do to help set up a practice? Here are some tips.

Keep your goals achievable. Don’t aim for 30 minutes of practice daily. Aim for 5 mins to start with. Once you feel the difference this short practice can make, it becomes easy to delve into the practice.

Surround yourself with the things that motivate you – this is a common advice given to keep up your energy. Do the same with Yoga! Keep one of those ubiquitous mats in sight in your family/living room. The sight of it should tempt you into a stretch.

Read about Yoga: A good magazine like Yoga International doesn’t cost much but about $20 per year. There is so much to read in an issue that such reading will take more than a few weeks to cover and hence will be a constant motivator.

Do you have a personalized home page with your favorite portal. Then subscribe to news feeds about Yoga, health, body/mind – any category that instigates you into thinking about Yoga.

Get your spouse/partner/family/friends involved: Going to a Yoga class with your spouse may not be always possible. But knowing the benefits, urge your spouse to take a class. Likewise get your kids, friends to attend a class or two.

If you love and practice Yoga, consider teaching Yoga for a group you know or at a church/temple or gathering. This helps yourself sustain a practice while benefiting others.

With half an hour of meditation we barely touch the surface of Consciousness. The great Yogis of the past have all spent a significant part of their life in getting to know this awareness. With such an awareness, life becomes so crystal clear. Setting up a personal practice is a beginning.

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