Staying in touch with Yoga

Many of us know that Yoga practice is a certain way to keep the mind and body healthy. We even realize that the whole world is adapting and embracing Yoga. We see it all around us. Yet, that alone isn’t enough inspiration. Think of it the same way as a Doctor does of his patient! The doctor prescribes medicine to cure a problem the patient has! Become the doctor yourself and recognize you need to do something to feel, be and stay better; better still, to be the best that you can be. Having practiced Yoga for more than twenty years, I know consistent practice can make so much of a difference in personal as well as other aspects of life. Just do it (as the Nike ad says) and you will see the difference such a practice makes. Once you feel better, you wouldn’t want to back away from it.

[From an April 2006 newsletter Evolution article that I wrote]

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