Take it all in and finally emerge the winner!

In the film Ali, Ali has lost his heavy weight ring to politics – taken away as he refuses to go to Vietnam. He has lost his right to fight as his license is taken away. He manages to fight in Atlanta as there is no Boxing Council/federation in the state of Georgia and earns the right to challenge Joe Frazier. Joe Frazier is knocked down by George Foreman and the mega match is setup by Don King in Zaire, Africa. Ali is tremendously popular in Zaire, which is well captured in the film. He kicks up the frenzy only for George Foreman to almost withdraw due to an injury. Ali keeps the taunt on to entice George to stay for the fight. George is known to be a heavy hitter once he gets his opponent onto the ropes. In the climax fight, despite his coach’s urgings, Ali get himself onto the ropes and keeps getting punched as if he were a punch bag. In truth, Ali is working out George. Finally, after George tires out, Ali gets back to his ‘dancing feet’ and delivers some knock out punches to down Foreman and reclaim his heavyweight title. Despite his taking a lot of beating, Ali’s fight stays on though not noticed. Great lesson!

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