True awareness is within your grasp

Chapter 3, Verse 3 of the Yoga sutras state –

‘When the object of Meditation Only shines Forth in the Mind, As though devoid of the thought of even the Self (who is meditating), that State is called Samadhi or total absorption’ – from the translation of Yoga Sutras by Swami Hariharananda Aranya.

This is a beautiful definition of Samadhi. By the way, Samadhi is something not esoteric to the common man. You would have experienced Samadhi. You think I am joking? Not at all. You have to recollect situations when you were fully absorbed in the work you were doing? So, taking care of your baby or immersed yourself deeply in caring for a dear one. In those intense moments, you were not affected by anything external. The object that was getting your attention and yourself were just one and the same. Such confluence of the subject and the object or the seer and the seen is Samadhi.

With true Yogis, the situation is just more advanced. They can get into a state of Samadhi at will. You and I can experience it for a brief moment or for a few minutes at ta stretch. With yogis, the duration is not a limit.

So how would you attain such a state of infallible concentration or absorption? By controlling the fluctuations of the mind. The mind is like a monkey – a very true statement. It jumps from one object to another. It doesn’t stop there; it keeps on going after other objects. By quieting the mind, you become more aware. It is important to ‘see’ more than to ‘process’ more. Processing is necessary only for a fraction of the duration of what you are seeing or being aware of. Processing or thinking itself is a barrier to seeing more. The more you see, the more it dwells. Practice quieting the mind more often and experience the deep quiet and peace you will feel. You will be with Him in those moments; in fact you will be Him.

[From a previous article in the Evolution newsletter that I used to write]

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