Yoga and change

So you are all settled down, your routine is well established. You take time daily to do some spiritual activities. You pray to God that this constancy carries on so that you can always be happy as you are.

Suddenly, say, your spouse decides to change his job. After living with him for 15 years you would think he would have told you well before! Welcome to reality. Your routine is now all changed! You need to take care of extra tasks, those that he would normally do. At the same time your work load is increasing and you see opportunities for more success. A change in routine is the last thing that you want to happen. Within a few days you are all worked up, you are almost angry at your spouse and at yourself for getting into all this. Your frustration is not only back, but also increasing.

This is certainly a point where you need to go back to your Yoga practice. What does yoga teach you as a foremost lesion? Detachment or non-attachment. A Yogi is never attached to anything – even to happiness. Happiness is a result of what your are doing and not an end-goal in itself. Because when you consider happiness as a goal, what would you do after you achieve it? It is not a state where you want to end your journey. Happiness is a point where things or the spirit starts to flow out of you.

So the challenge is to strive to stay happy. What could you do? Welcome change for one. Nothing is more constant than change – as the popular saying goes. So learn to deal with change. If an approach does not work, don’t get hung up with trying to make the approach succeed. Think of alternatives. You will find that using an alternative will not only save you time in solving the problem, but it will also keep you happy. When you get attached to a thing or an approach, you are stuck in the muck. To paraphrase Yoda from the movie ‘Star Wars’, Despair leads to frustration, frustration leads to anger and anger leads to hatred.

When you feel stuck, all it needs is to take a step back and breathe well for some time. Get back into the meditative mood. It helps to practice meditation daily for this matter, not just when you need it. Such constant practice helps you stay ahead and keep yourself detached and ultimately always happy.

[From a previous Evolution newsletter that I used to write]

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