Your purpose in life

“If I’m losing balance in a pose, I stretch higher and God reaches down to steady me. It works every time, and not just in yoga. ”

– Terri Guillemets

Every human being is born with a purpose. This purpose is called one’s dharma. So, one can ask ‘How do I know what my dharma is?’ This is a difficult question to answer for someone else, except by a spiritually realized person who knows you well.

Based on one’s past actions, one’s mindset is most suited to achieve a certain set of related goals. By past actions, I don’t mean actions in one’s past life. One doesn’t have to accept a principle beyond one’s belief. The actions that you have carried out in this life are the foundation for identifying one’s dharma.

Few people are fortunate to identify one’s dharma early on or even in one’s lifetime. There are many means of identifying this; you can refer to ‘Creating the work you love’ by Rick Jarrow for one. When you can identify what that purpose is, things flow out of you naturally. You don’t have to be motivated to do that one thing that is your life’s goal. People who are considered talented have done exactly the same – they earlier on in their life identified what is it that that want to focus on. When you watch Andre Agassi give out this 150% every time on the court, you know he was right on target.

Say, you know what you want to do in your lifetime and it is what you have spent time on for many, many years. Is that the end? Do you not seek further purpose? The answer is, you don’t stop at that. That is human nature. A human being constantly tries to evolve spiritually. One purpose leads to a higher purpose, opening new realms of Self-realization. Andre, through his realization in tennis, wants to do more and more service to mankind.

If you read ‘Autobiography of an Yogi’ by Yogi Paramahamsa, his master Swami Yukteshwar asks him ‘Why is it that you are against involving in organizational matters?’ Paramahamsa-ji says, that he seeks God Realization through his association with his master and through meditation and that is what he wants to do. The master replies ‘If you are Self-realized’ why don’t you want to do a service to the mankind – God’s children – and let everyone know how to achieve the same. Paramahamsa-ji went on to establish institutions of learning and Self-realization that has influenced millions and millions of people world wide.

If you have a talent, teach it to others. Share it with others. Maybe that is your purpose in life.

[From a previous newsletter – Evolution – that I used to write]

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