Unique experience in silence

Today, before the yoga workshop at the Gwynedd Meeting, I attended the prayer session upon an invite by the Meeting Youth Coordinator. We spent an hour in the meeting room, sitting a few feet apart from each other. The entire session is spent in silence, each reflecting. Once in a while, someone gets up and share aloud what they feel or occurs to them in a short time.

One women, was narrating her visit to Turkey and while travelling there came upon this family of four. They were not well fed and were skinny. The man had a yoke around his waist and was tilling the fields with help from his sons. Someone from the West would feel saddened by the sight. But amidst all these, the family was laughing and looked like they were having fun. They were Happy! It was an amazing story that she shared.

With all the wealth part of the world has, the truth is we are not happy. We live in fear and anxiety and stress and doubts.


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