Image of strength

There are times when you need to compose yourself and find that strength necessary to face a challenge, for example. In these times, a simple visualization can help. All of us, will have someone or something in mind that can provide strength. This could be something religious like in a saint or God-like being; or it could be nature or something else.

Now sit in a relaxed position with your back held up. A relaxed position is something that you can hold for sometime such as 5 minutes or more. Close your eyes. Slowly start to focus on your breath and try to listen to its sound. Now, with each inhalation, let that image that inspires or provides you strength, form in your mind. With each inhalation, let that image become stronger and stronger. You shouldn’t strain yourself mentally to form the image. The image should effortlessly appear. Initially, it takes sometime to recongnize what this image is. Slowly, a image will start to appear more often and this image will come to the mind as though invited when you want.

Practice this visualization for a few minutes to an extended time.

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