Funny Pranayama and aachamana

Aachamana, is the ritual, where a Bramhin remembers different Gods in his body by touching the organs and parts such as nose, eyes, lips, chest, etc as he begins his morning rituals. He does this while doing Sandya-vandana i.e., an obeisance to the Sun who represents Energy in all its glory. In the early morning, that Energy is most accessible due to the quietness of the Earth.

Anyway, Varun (Ranga’s son) was inducted last summer and he was being taught the ritual by a priest. The Aachamana goes like this – you recite a mantra, you touch a body part and sip a little holy-water. The priest does each step first and the new-inductee (Varun) is supposed to follow it. The holy water is in a cup and you take a spoon and transfer a little water into your right hand and kind of throw the water into your mouth. Hard to explain this, I admit!

The priest asks Varun to sip the water after the step – in his words, he asks Varun to drink it. Varun starts to drink straight from the cup to everyone’s amusement.

Another part is Pranayma where you hold your nose with the middle finger and the thumb and recite the mantra. Mid way into the process, the priest had an itch and started to vigorously poke/scratch his ear with his finger and not knowing the difference, Varun started to imitate the priest to everyone’s laughter again. And he goes ‘What did I do wrong?’ adding to the fun.

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