Failures lead to success

Failures are good! I am not cynical. Almost everyone who has succeeded says that it is their failures that led them to success. Check out Michael Jordon for example. He said that he had failed over a thousand time in bucketing the ball before he started to perfect throwing.

But the worst part of a failure is how do You handle it? Are you one of those few that take it with a pinch of salt and see the goal ahead and keep working towards it learning from the failure. If so, you are on the right path. For others, a failure can be devastating especially those who are young and have yet seen few failures.

If you believe in a higher power, there is an interesting way to look at a failure. I recall Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book ‘Ask and it Given’ mentioning that the Gods create human beings so that They can enrich their lives with the multitude of experience we go through. It is not the experience per se, but the learning that comes out of it that They cherish.

So when you are faced with a failure, think you are God’s journalist. Your responsibility is to go through the failure, learn from it and in the process you are doing Him (reporting) a service. And you move on.

So does this mean that you need to keep on facing failures? No, failures don’t lead to meeting your ideals or goals. You can affect the world better by succeeding in achieving your goals. You just have to learn to deal with a failure so that it doesn’t keep you from succeeding. In the end, you shouldn’t be affected by either failure or success – the learning is the enrichment.

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