Success or Ideals

So far I have been wondering what is it that it takes one to be successful? Successful in the sense of being happy, limitless energy, etc. I thought I had found the answer. I even blogged that when one does something that one loves most, then he or she can find true success. But, if you look around you will see only a small percentage of people doing what they love most – at least not all. Many take up a job to pay bills though their dreams are elsewhere.

As I continue to read ‘To the Summit’ by Hiroshi Tasaka, he gives the perfect answer to the problem. What is it? It is the ideal that you live for in life. You can always compare yourself to others and determine that your life isn’t all that great just because there was a king who established a big kingdom in the past or a scientist who had a major breakthrough. However, why someone did something, big or small, is more important. Even if you could make a difference in a small way to the world, that ideal stands above the quantum of effect caused by one’s effort. Isn’t this a great way to measure a human beings success? Let’s say, He was to evaluate your performance on Earth after your life. If He were to use the ‘amount’ of work one did and the ‘impact’ it had on the world, He would have to be unfair, as nobody chooses their environment as they are born. But, assessing whether one had an ideal or not and if he or she lived for it is measure alone for true success. Wonderful book, a must read.

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