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I am raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The daughter of a friend of mine was recently treated successfully at the Hospital. The recovery has been amazing! Treatments costs run into hundreds of thousands of dollars in many cases of life threatening diseases. It is great if insurance covers it; for those who don’t have coverage or limited coverage, it is a big challenge financially. At the same time, they see precious time passing by. No parents should be in this position.

Every small contribution helps. One way you can raise money is to follow two additional steps:

1) Visit
2) Click on any Amazon ad and it takes you to Amazon. The site gets a referral fee
if you make any purchases.

That’s all you need to do when you have to purchase from Amazon. All referral fees (100%) will be donated to the Hospital. I will update the site weekly to reflect funds raised.

The goal is to raise $4000 in the year 2008. With just two additional steps, you can help as well.

Thank you very much,

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