It is what you can do…

If you keep getting bogged down, take some time off and find a quiet place to reflect. The place should be quiet – no music. Natural, I mean nature’s, noise is fine.

One of the reasons that one can get bogged down is because you see so many people who are all talented and do such a great job. By constantly comparing yourself to others, you are not letting youself be You. Focus on what You can do and not what you cannot. Drive those negative thoughts away to make way for focusing on what you can do. For example, make a list of things that you can contribute. Then memorize that list and when faced with a dragging feeling, remember that list. Don’t evaluate HOW MUCH value each of your contributions would be; just think of doing something is in the list. By focusing your energies on what you can do, the momentum builds up and you find yourself to become more and more positive and more and more natural. Inhibitions disappear when you can drive away the negatives that bog you down.

In the end, all small efforts add up and get you gain that critical momentum. With the momentum, there will be no stopping you!

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