Month and a half w/o a post

Come to think of it, what was I doing so important? Well, nothing that was life stopping. But I had put my pen down. So, what happened in the past six weeks?
– ECM Implementatin at JnJ started and gained steam. It is rolling now
– Apple went down all the way to 116 and it coming back up again. It was about 142 today, though volumne is lacking on the upside. Apple is forming the right side of the base; if you look at it, it appears to be a dream cup in the formation. Of course, I am betting on it to gain new highs in the next 12 months. Wait till Corporations (especially new ones) start to adopt the iPhone.
– Visa went public. At today’s price Visa’s market cap is less than that of Mastercard, though it has higher sales. Do I need to say more? I think V will be a multi-bagger in the next 5 years.
– I put up a new mail box in front of the home. I will post a pic later this week. The mailbox is great; EST Secure mailbox of something with a keypad and secure enough so that some passerby doesn’t easily pick up my mail. Installing was rather easy and much fun last weekend.
– I bought a Mantis tiller hoping to graze away the weeds and get some grass in-time for Spring; but it wouldn’t start and I returned it. Now I need to go shopping for a pick and you will see me sweating it out this weekend.
– Vikas made it to the State Bee competition and the dude doesn’t even seem excited about it. I offered him five hundred bucks as a carrot if he wins it; but he is too busy with his home work, Kumon AND Wii to seriously start cracking it.
– I stayed at Parsippany Candlewood Suites hoping it will be my home away from home for the next six months. But, it wsa so bad that I checked out the next day and haven’t slept with my head pointing to its direction!
– Most likely than not, I taught my last Yoga class at Gathering Garden. I have decided to stop teaching as I often feel I don’t practice what I preach enough. I get frustrated, angry, stressed out – much like anyone else šŸ™

More later. Regards,

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