The best electronics money ever bought for me

I have had so many electronic gizmos, but none of them have brought me so much fun as my Magellan 2200T. Agreed it is dated and there are other GPS systems that may be better. But I am talking about a GPS system in general. I paid about $190 including S&H last July before we went to Virgina Beach on vacation. The toy has given me sooooooo much fun.

– I no longer have to go to AAA to get maps. I use them only for tour books and their towing services, I guess. Their discounts help sometimes.
– I am no longer afraid to lose my way and go in circles in a new place
– I am no longer afraid to explore a new road in an unknown (but safe) place
– I am going to so many new restaurants wherever I go. Be it day or night, my Magellan gives me peace of mind.

If you still don’t have a GPS system, don’t wait. It is worth its weight in $s 🙂

After I started my project at JnJ, I used to take the same route for almost 2 months – 476N, Rt. 663, 78E and 287 N. This would take me through in about 1 hr 45 mins if I didn’t stop for a coffee break. Last year I had ventured to use the shortest distance option and explored the heart of New Jersey in early Fall. It was fantastic. Recently, when going back from JnJ I thought let me take Rt. 202 as Rama always prefers and found the route to be more easy on the mind! There are more lights granted; but the activities around the route and the changing landscape keeps the drive interesting.

Last week, I said I will take the shorted route option when starting from home. The Magellan took me through some very interesting place. First Souderton, Rt. 113. It was fascinating to drive through remote areas where life seems to come to a standstill (almost). If you look around, there isn’t much happening. There is a house here or there; not much people around. But, the places are not totally deserted. You see so much less wealth; the homes look less maintained. Add to this, the weather was cloudy and drizzling a bit. All of this gave me a feeling that I was driving through a dream.

After Souderton, I went through parts of Tinicum Park.The roads were single lane with no shoulders. The road was bordered by the stream and rocks – fascinating. The road was deep within the park and it was tempting for me to stop the vehicle and sit by the stream off the road. I had to get down though. But I had no time 🙁 I had to drive on the mud on the side of the road to make way for an oncoming truck, so narrow was the road. It reminded me of driving in India. I drove through a small road with the smallest police stations I have seen; the police truck was outside. I was wondering, how much work will the Sheriff have really in such a desolate place?

I did lose a few turns but was always confident that I won’t get lost. Finally I came to Rt. 78 and was in a way happy to be onto it as I was afraid I didn’t have too much time. Then on, it was a routine drive.

A fun way to start the work week. Did I mention, I drove by the river in Tinicum Park, the sight was amazing. There were a few homes bordering the river and thought those guys should be lucky to be so close to the river in such a quiet place all the time.

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