It is the choices you make..

The title seems to ring a bell that I had already used it in one of my blogs. Professor Dumbledore’s advice to Harry Potter is everlasting. The mind is but a tool. It sees both good and bad. It shows you the paths to both good and bad. Which path you choose is the decision You will make. The You is not your body, not your mind, not your soul. But it is your intellect. Now you may be confused. The purpose of introducing the intellect as a new entity is just to distinguish that part of you which uses all the tools we have in our physical body – the senses, the mind, etc.

One way to look at it is to see or recap the results of the decisions you took. As a simple example, you had a choice to eat a lot of sweets or a fresh, clean, raw vegetables. Just reminesce how you felt after eating both. The sweets leave a elated feeling that doesn’t last a long time. The fresh vegetables make you feel healthier, you feel no after effects. Simple, right? As we make the right decisions again and again, the intuition in you starts developing and becomes stronger and stronger. If you kept on going this way or that, you will always be in that frame of mind – always wavering when it comes to making a decision and you will never know easily what the right decision will be.

Well, above was the advice I was giving Vikas on his way back from Shippensberg from his Geography Bee competition.

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