Being a busy bee aint’ actually good.

You may take pride in being a busy bee. It is exciting; it keeps the energy levels up; you are on a ride – lots of advantages. Some people are afraid to get off doing something. Yes, afraid is the word – they have to keep doing something. This something needs distinction – the things that we HAVE to do and the things that we don’t have to do. As an example of the latter, checking emails every 1/2 hour or latching onto the internet checking out every eye grabbing headlines on Yahoo! The second set can be devastating. If you are addicted to be doing something for the sake of doing something, then take a step back. For what you are actually doing is ignoring the inner voice that guides you in doing what you need to do. The inner voice gets lost in this flurry of needless activity. A continuous lapse of hearing the inner voice sinks it deeper and deeper. So staying in touch with hearing the IV is as important as the medicinal IV is to the patient.

This Thursday, my day started off giving me a hint that I can get back home earlier than usual. After the 10 AM meeting, new activities turned up. We need to do this install a two new servers before next Monday and so on. I got caught up and when I was ready to drive back home it was 6:40 PM. Usually, now a day I take the Rt. 202 back home and use my Magellan to guide me through parallel routes which gives me a relaxing ride watching the less urban side of PA as the golden sun starts to wind its day down for our side of the planet. As I was getting close to Rt. 202, I was still thining – whether I should take Rt. 202 or Rt. 78. Driving on Rt. 78 is about 15 miles more, but it gets me home about 15 minutes ore more earlier depending on traffic. I knew Vikas was home and Rama would have gone to the center. Rama had mentioned that she preferred that I got back home earlier Thursdays so Vikas gets to be with me more.

So my dilemma was simple – enjoy the longer, more pleasnt evening ride on 202 or do the fast one on 78? I decided to reach home earlier and so Rt. 78 it was. As I was driving through Quakertown, about 40 minutes away from home, I was relaxed and the decision and the dilemma surfaced in my mind. Suddenly, I heard a voice within myself – you did the right thing! That voice was so confident and resounding – that voice was my inner voice. Imagine if as they all say, everyone of your decisions were guided by your inner voice and you always heard you did the right thing after the event/decision, how much at-peace you will be, how much confident you will be?

If you have thoughts, ideas on hearing your Inner Voice, please write and let me know.


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