Right people make the difference

Whether at work, home or anywhere, being with the right people makes all the difference. We all know being with criminals, felons or downright bad people is not the right companionship. However, when you go out into the vast world to work you come across a stupendous cross section of talents and skills. Choosing an atmosphere that brings out the best in you is quintessential. In getting a problem solved, not only how you work with others but how others work with you will determine not only the end result, but how you get to that result and the after effects.

You can be in a place where people not only lack communication skills but also aren’t aware of the lack of it and not having an inclination to be better. In these cases, asking the right question will make you feel stupid. This is the classic case of the wise man being with a bunch of monkeys – it will make little difference to the group.

Instead of spending energy in fighting the small, inconsequential issues, it is better to get out. Luckily, I work with some of the best people on Earth who lead by example and are inspiriing, the few times I interact with poor examples I just look past the incident and try to move on.

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