When 100% isn’t enough

When I work from home or on Fridays, I usually try my best to go pick up Vikas from School. On the way back, we talk about things at school. Many times it is about his tests and his grades. Recently, on one of the Fridays, he said he got his Geometry test results. I ask him how much did he score. He says – ‘I scored 98’. I say ‘Is that all?’ with my own sense of pride. He goes into defensive mode – ‘I did not complete all the questions; there were a few bonus points I could have gained if I had done that extra project, but my Kumon and other homework took a lot of my time’. He is genuinely trying to defend himself. Then I give up and say that I was kidding and give him a pat on the back. Now-a-days, when he comes back and says he got a 101 out of 100 and I ask my usual question, he tries to defend but is no longer feeling cornered as he know that I am just kidding!

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