The miracle of Forward Bends

Have you tried the Paschimottanasana – also called the Seated Forward Bend? It can be as simple as sitting down, stretching your legs in front together, and bending your trunk so that the forehead moves towards the knees. Hold it for about 1-2 minutes and continue to breathe easy and as comfortably deep as possible. Simple Just try this for a few days a week. You will notice a remarkable improvement in your digestion and elimination. It is actually unbelievable how much it can help you with any indigestion. The simple act of forward bend massages the organs of the middle – liver, intestines, bladder and all. The massage works to rejuvenate these systems and they get to function they are supposed to.

As another experiment, compare the week with another week when you did not practice the posture. I found that doing such forward bend, I don’t have to worry about cleaning my system! Any excess food is rejected by the body. But when the excess food isn’t eliminated, that turns into waste and when that waste stays inside, that isn’t good for the body. Common sense, right? But, though we know it, we don’t realize until proven otherwise. So try it and observe the results.

When you try any posture in Yoga, it is key to be relaxed. If you go over your limit, then you won’t be relaxed. So the key is to challenge yourself one baby-step at a time. Even with stretching within your limits, you will notice the benefits and for all you know, you can get addicted to the benefits. You have to start though!

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