History is made!

Barack Obama wins the Democratic Party’s nomination! June 3rd, 2008 will be marked in history very uniquely. I never had a doubt the Senator from Obama would win the nomination. I think he will win BIG time in November with or without Hillary Clinton. The need for change is desired so much that the establishment candidates stand no chance of making a case for change. Remember, the 3 AM ad about who picks the phone to make a decision at 3 AM? Well, if a President was to make a decision all by himself/herself then the government would be open to embracing autocracy sometime in the future. It is a democratic process, that’s the point. No one person will make a decision in successful democracies as that of the United States. I always believed that both the Senators would be great commander-in-chiefs. Both would be good decision makers. But the Senator from Illinois brings one unique aspect to the table and to the people. He is capable of motivating the people en masse. That alone will propel the collective intellecutalism of the US to a wholly different level. Raising partcipation at the grass roots level is what will work wonders for this country in the future. With an open mind that Sen. Barack Obama demonstrates, he will do wonders for US’s foreign policy. All these many decades of big-country-dominant-negotiation-do-it-our-way mentality will and should be a thing of the past. With more open mindedness, the US will be the true leader – both economically and politically – of the new world!

By the way, did you see McCain’s speech last night? It was a whimper. His ‘this is not change we believe in’ comparisons ended getting mild applause from the small crowd. If he needs to be the President of the United States, he needs to start bringing more passion into his speeches and whip the crowd more. A hint – learn from your opponent!

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