How can you be fully American unless..

It is about 15 years since we came to America. In the process, we have gone through the gates of hell (the INS) into the dream land in getting the Green Card. We have found ourselves jobs to realize the American dream. We have started to eat Pizza than we ever did in India (though we limit it to one per month maybe!). We (at least I) have started watching some American sitcoms when I am at the Hotel at least. We follow American politics more and more. We have registered ourselves to vote in the General election for the first time. But…

But, how can you be American and not go to a ball game? Our first attempt a few years ago when Rama’s colleague gave us tickets to a Philly game was washed out due to rain. However, of late, we have been watching more baseball (just because there is no cricket); I have got to know the rules by watching with Vikas – what a Grand Slam is, what a strike out is (I still don’t understand RBI clearly). So as our interest or at least watching-time in Baseball grow, and as the Phillies have started to do very well, we wanted to go to the real place – Citizen’s park. After much hunting around for tickets at, we finally booked tickets to 4 games. It will be great to watch the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Angles and Pirates at the great park. Now I am feeling more Americanized!

Tip: While booking for tickets at, don’t book for just one game. You won’t get the best seats. Those are reserved for those season ticket holders or for those who book multiple games. A Grand Slam pack, for one, is a good bet.

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