Know your heart from the mind!

One key thing to distinguish in good decision making is knowing the difference between the Mind and the Heart. The Mind is the overused tool we all think is associated with the brain. In today’s world, we are bound to make decisions on a continuous and almost instant basis. The more you can make decisions quickly, the better equipped you are for dealing with situations. That is very true! However, before you can gain confidence in your decision making ability, you need to be able to distinguish what comes out as a reaction (from the mind) and what comes out of the heart (judgement). The progressive refining of your judgement skills is stored and collectively present within you as your ‘Gut feeling’. Just feeling that gut won’t necessarily give you always the sound judgement you will need. Toning that gut feeling comes from years of practice using the mind the right way. The mind is the tool that does the analysis. The Judgement comes based on the analysis.

Think of a situation where you have analyzed all the available data and came up with three close alternatives. How do you decide which is the one option you will take. That’s when you trust your gut feeling. At this point, somewhere in your body most likely near your chest area, you hear that inner voice and you go by it. The more you trust to use that inner voice, the more confident you will become.

For me, I only recently started to listen to that inner voice. Yes, it sounds almost alarming, but given many factors, I used to trust my mind in making the decision. Those would be right but I wouldn’t have gotten the same sense of confidence (this is what I want to do in that situation feeling) as if it were to come from the heart.

Remember, the mind is more reactive tool. The heart is what stops you, let you harness the situation and put it all (analysis, decisions made, possible outcomes, impact on your surroundings) together and come up with what is best for you.

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