Practicing health

I have often seen my elders in India be fit and strong till their 80s and into 90s without any advanced health care. My late Grand Mother was a picture of health until she passed away 3 years ago at the age of 87. Unless she was ill, she wasn’t taking any medications – no sugar, no cholesterol, no blood pressure, nothing!

She had this habit of going to the doctors to find if something was wrong, and the doctor would almost wink her eyes and tell her there was no problem. Till her last 18 months or so, she was independent and taking care of of herself. Her lifestyle was simple – get up early in the morning (usually at 5:30 AM), do her daily chores, Pooja, cooking, afternoon nap, evening activity – pretty much at home like gardening, eat on time, eat early dinner, drink a cup of milk before going to bed around 10 PM. One thing she consistently practiced was moderation in everything she did – eating (vegetarian food only), working, no drinking, sleeping. She fell down and broke her hip when she was around 75 and the doctors were amazed how soon she was back on her feet using some support – within less than a week! The healing process was rapid compared to her age.

I believe such good health is what we all want, but we find it challenging because of our lifestyle. However, moderation is something that can be practiced in any corner of the world (barring other uncertainties). Moderation is a practice much like Yoga is. Unless you practice it regularly you don’t see or enjoy the benefits of it.

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