Take me to the ball game!

June 17th, 2008 – Our first ball game in America! I tried blogging on my Blackberry but didn’t succeed. The atmosphere at the stadium was awe inspiring! Lots of people. The Phillies had come back home on a tour with the Cardinals, where they routed them 20-2 in the first game. The second and third were close, with the second lost by a really bad decision.

Anyway, it was all fun. We finished upma for dinner in the car before heading out. No, we are not the hot dog guys. It gotta be veggies for us. The stadium was jam-packed. There were a coupe of boisterous fans behind us. Rama later found out that there were in their mid-forties. We initially thought they were teens all egged up.

Midway into the game, the security guy came to our row and beckoned a couple of ‘fellas’ as he called them. It happened that these two guys were riding the free seats as they were empty to start with. The two fellas gladly gave up the seats.

Phillies lost. Coco Crisp homered for 2 runs. The Red Sox won 3-0. We will be going back to the Citizen’s park again this Saturday.

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