Poor MJ!

My fav Magellan 200 after nearly an year of faithful service, taking me through innumerable unknown streets and paths, got stolen. I was in a hurry to get into Security Monday morning at Phily international Airport; I took Rama’s suggestion and wanted to check-in at Terminal B though my flight was leaving from the C Gates. Poor choice. First of all, the parking was full and I spent many minutes looking for one. Then I got onto the second level and found one near the edge (near the opening) – Z16, 2nd level. I clearly remembered it even when I got back Thursday. Usually I don’t. As I got into the driver’s seat, I noticed the flat, black plastic patch on the dash. Odd, I thought! Then it struck me – that’s where I have the GPS mount. I thought it could have fallen down. I tried poking around the passenger’s seat back pocket and also down. As I did that I did tell myself that it wasn’t worth risking any accidents; so I held myself. Then I realized that MJ had been stolen. I checked the windows and they weren’t broke. I had left my van unlocked in my hurry to catch the airplane. Actually, I had a 7 AM conf. call with Hyderabad and had to take the call; so I wanted to get through Security. Lots of things on my mind that Monday morning and now I feel the loss deeply. Thanks MJ for all the time!

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