Utter Lack of ethics

I was at my Primary care provider’s office. I am on the way out after seeing the doctor. I need to pay. The woman at the desk (always stoic and curt) receives a phone call. The caller asks if there is someone extra there to dig up records from the garage for a patient. The woman says no. I can see she is not crazy busy. She just doesn’t want to do it. The caller (a lady) says it is for a patient who had a heart attack. The desk woman says, can this wait till Monday (today is Friday). How appaling? Won’t you just offer to go dig up the records and help the person out. After all there was another woman at the desk who could take payments? It doesn’t matter how polished you are and how well you dress up and communicate. If there is a basic lack of humanity, it is a sure ticket to hell!

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