No lack of rhetoric either

Not from Barack Obama, but from Sarah Palin. In her historic acceptance speech, the Alaska Governor come out with a lot of positives – self-image, more information about herself and her accomplishments. But a lot of her speech was plain rhetoric – her opponents would raise taxes, put more control in their lives, take away their money, etc all with no basis. In the end, as Sarah said, when the lights of the stadium go down, it will come down to the intelligent voter for this voter will be able to discern who has more rhetoric than substance.

Rudy Guliani took a lot of jabs at Barack Obama – he made fun of Obama having been a community organizer. But the fact is, Mr. Obama gave away his Harvard education’s promise of a lucrative job and focused on serving the people who needed help. It doesn’t matter – if help comes from a community organizer or a mayor or a President. By belittling the job, Guliani put himself out as a cheapstake.

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