Wear them again

The advantage of buying Tommy clothes is that you can wear the same shirt more than once (often I have worn them 4 times) to work without it looking crumpled or dirty. The same is not true of your %15 shirts. In a way, you make up the cost by extending its lifetime, dry cleaning it less and less, not to mention they look always great. Vikas would always put away his clothes to wash every day. These would include even the very nice jeans, shorts or T-shirts. The same T-shirts I had and I would use them more than once often. So asked him, if he didn’t wear it on gym days, he can put the t-shirts away on a hanger after school (he is in 9th grade) and wear something less fancy at home. After all, he will be in school for just about 6 hours. Stretching the use of the shirt for 24 hours over 2-3 days he could get better use of it. He agreed to heed my advice.

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