There is a vampire in the house

Well, it is a bat. Somehow, it has made its way into our attic. About six months ago, we saw droppings on the attic floor. We did our own research. We thought it was mice and we got all kinds of devices – the glue traps, the baits, the good old traps, etc. Well, there was no progress. Those wire-gnawing, poop-infesting creatures had a mind of their own. Then after 5 months, Rama thought it was a squirrel problem. Again research proved it otherwise. There was no tree branches within 20 feet (let alone 6 feet from where they can jump) close to the outer walls.

Finally we called in a pest control agency. David said he will come in. I was visualizing a wide-goggle-adorned, some kind of protective-clothed, cylinder-carrying individual with some weird tools. David was a pretty normal guy almost cool for a pest controller. His eye glasses were fashionable and he had a light aura of humor around him. He came in and spent 45 minutes and concluded it was a bat. The devil is in the details, you see. We folks don’t realize all of it; hence you need an expert. He said he needs to go up on the roof for which he needed his partner as well. Most of the time would be taken in finding out where the bat (he was sure it was one) entered and then they needed to seal it off! Estimate? Close to $600-700 and maybe more. He suggested we spend some time during dusk to see if we can spot the bat getting out (or in).

So we did just that yesterday. Around 7:05 PM, we see a bird perched on top of the roof top out of nowhere. It seems to flutter briefly and it then took off. We were convinced it was a bat and were wondering that we didn’t see it flying onto the top. It just emerged and took off. Today evening hopefully we can confirm. I need to remember to put some mosquito spray on myself though, as I felt my skin and body were quite attractive to this tiny pests!

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