Bat watching

So we continued on our bat elimination program. Wait, you can’t just kill bats! There are protected. The fact is in the past, bats were killed for all sorts of wrong reasons and presumptions. Now, the usefulness of bats is more well-known. For e.g., an average bat can eat 1000 insects in a hour and hence acts a natural pest control. The funny thing about bats is they are pretty harmless. They appear scary for the uninformed. They rarely bit except when attacked. Visit this great site about Bat conservation and bat elimination (or exclusion is the precise word). Unlike common thought, there has been no incidence of rabies caused by Bats droppings in the past 15 years. Just stay away from the droppings while cleaning them away. It is amazing that Bats can get into the buildings even with the smallest of crevices – just 1/2 inch in width!

We spent the past two days watching if any bat(s) flew out of our roof top. Saturday, we thought we saw on appear, flutter a few time and then take off. I didn’t see any Sunday or Monday evening. Spending time out during dusk was nice with the almost gorgeous September weather – blue skies, cloud baskets and colorful horizon.

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