Disappointments on High School Cricket team!

Growing up, and wanting to be an Engineer, it was naturally I was mathematically inclined. With everyone I know following or playing Cricket, I naturally became interested in the game. And I was good at it in Bowling department. Of course, I never played serious cricket – like playing for the school or college or a professional team. We had no access to such teams. I was selected to the High School team. Here was my first opportunity to play ‘leather ball’ cricket. We were to play St. Joseph’s High School. This team was the best of the best in the High School tournament. First thing was, we were to be measured for height. The rule, was to be part of the High School team, your height cannot exceed some certain height, might 4′ 8″ (don’t remember exactly). At that time I measured 5ft 2inches and that was it. 10 of our team’s members were disqualified and the match was handed over. There went any dreams of my pursuing a career in cricket. I headed back home with the satisfaction that I made it to my High School team!

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