Why don’t we automate voting

Come November 4th, the entire nation goes to poll. Literally! Every one who is of voting age, will drive to some place, stand in a line, figure out the holes to punch (assuming they are in good order this time again), punch the holes, fold the paper ballot, stick it into the slot in the box and then turn back. Now this takes away time from work and even adds time to one’s day. Doesn’t it sound stupid? Why on the Earth, the most technologically advanced nation in the world, haven’t got electronic voting in place? Come on, it can’t be that difficult. There could be hacks? Yeah, there is that possibility but that doesn’t stop business being made worth trillions of dollars daily. I think it is worth the risk given the advantages. Everyone, or those who have a PC at home, can vote right from their home. Secondly, people can vote on any issue – a legislation being passed, a county vote, anything! Won’t this make the process more democratic and save hundreds of millions of dollars each and every election – local & national.

The other day when I was at my Doctor’s office, the Doc prescribed me medicine and said they have a new facility by which I can pick my medicine on the way out during payment. I said yes. After I paid for my medicine and office visit, I waited 5 minutes. The lady at the counter said that the ‘machine’ is preparing my medicine. Yes, it was a machine not a pharmacist. I got my package and I rolled out of the office straight to home. Not need to stop at the Pharmacist – saved me 30-60 minutes that day. If we can automate doling out medicines at the risk of an error to a human life, why can’t we automate voting at the risk of having some jerk in office for a few days in error.

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