My yoga routine yesterday

We started with focused breathing. The theme was to experience peace. When you sit down and start to focus on your breath, the world starts to slow down. The things that took priority in your daily life seem no more important. This puts the right priorities on your task list. Remember, how you are in a rush to get things done, so that you can knock down the task of the to-do list? Well, I guarantee that once you knock one down, there will be another. And your rush will continue. This takes a bit of stepping back and really evaluating what is important for you to do. During Focused breathing, once we calmed down, we brought onto ourselves the feeling of peace. This shouldn’t be forcing something onto yourself. This is something that comes on its own. You start to feel from the inside out that feeling of well-being and being at peace. This feeling will start to envelop you and you almost feel being lifted by this balloon-of-a-thing.

We practiced this peace-breathing for about 10 minutes, before switching to connect the breath with the third chakra. Here you feel the energy being brought in by the breath reach the Manipura chakra and feel it surge at the end of inhalation. With the exhalation, you just let go. This gives a feeling of strength developing within. Each and every breath will be gratifying and satisfying.

We moved onto practicing Yoga-mudra. Here you reaching out for each of the knees with your forehead as you are seated down, with one hand holding the other wrist at the back. Then you reach down to the front to perform the classic Yoga-mudra.

Still in Sukhasana or Padmasana, you place both the hands at the back on the mat and arch your truck/spine to the front. The heads drops back. This gives you an opportunity to breathe deep and fill in the top of the lungs.

We next laid down on the mat on the tummy. Starting with the dynamic phase of the half-cobra and holding after three movements. Breathing as deep as possible comfortably is essential to loosen up the insides.

Following which we performed the Cobra as best as we could. Remember to keep the elbows close to the body here. We practiced Cobra two times, the second time around it is easier on the back and arms. This was followed by half-Shalabasana or half-Locust. Nice posture to strengthen the lower back and thighs. Balasana is easy to move into when you are on your tummy. Slowly getting up, we practiced the dynamic phase of the Sun-salutation i.e., back and forward bends at a slow pace to loosen up the back.

Half-sun salutation and intermediate Sun-salutation followed. This nicely kicks up the heart rate. We then rested on the heels catching our breath. The twist followed and we laid back on the mat.

Supta-Baddhakonasan or lying-Bound angle posture followed. This is one of my favorite postures. It is so relaxing that I like to perform it for an extended time. Lying twist to either side was then followed by deep-relaxation or Corpse.

The one hour session was quite a work-out for the bodies that hardly do much stretching at all. I for one, had a great night’s sleep.

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