10-minute Yoga for the housewife

So you don’t practice Yoga regularly. You have many reasons for that; whatever that is, you still realize that you will benefit a lot if you do practice. So what should you do? All you have is 10 minutes, once every other day.

Here are some tips first:
– Don’t feel compelled to practice. That creates a pressure and won’t be motivating
– When you do practice, try enjoying every bit you do; also remember what that enjoyment was like as a take-away.

Start with lying down on the mat on your back. This should be easy. Take a minute to relax, mentally scanning your body where there are tension points and try to become aware of those points. Just the fact that you become aware, will help you relax those parts.

Next, do the knees-to-chest posture. One leg at a time. Apply a healthy amount of pressure to your lower abdomen. Always, practice comfortable deep breathing listening to the sound of your breath.

Easy so far? Next pull both knees to the chest. Same deep breathing. Try to let go of our back so it spreads out on the mat.

Now, place both feet on the mat with the legs bent at the knees. Keep the feet together and drop each knee to its side. Your lower back will naturally rise, don’t resist. Again, nice deep breathing and you should feel energized already. Do this posture for a little more than the others.

After the feet are back to the mat, keeping the thighs parallel and the feet about hip-distance apart, slowly raise the hips off the mat so the spine moves up to the neck. Do this movement three times, and for the fourth time, keep the hips up and continue nice, deep breathing. You can support your back with your hands, elbows on the ground.

That’s it. Let the arms and limbs spread out on the ground; practice relaxation as in the beginning for a minute and your 10 minutes will be over. You should feel energized and relaxed. If not let me know.

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