Happiness is a state of mind

If you put two people in a room of grandeur, and ask will you be happy in this room if you were to live in it all your life, you might get two opinions. If you put the same two people in a room filled with joy, you probably will get only one answer to the same question. Their feeling of happiness depends on how they view what is around them. Likewise, happiness within you will depend on how you view things around you. Are you the one who complains about having to do things – small or big – all the time? Have you tried doing those things without any whining and felt your state of being afterwords? When you do things, have you recognized how much of a difference it makes to those around you. Once you start to realize that, you will naturally want to do the work that you thought was some thing you didn’t enjoy doing. The best thing is you start enjoying chores you never thought you would. Like cutting vegetables or cooking dinner for your wife or taking care of your children. And you will probably still have time to do the things that you wanted to do for yourself.

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