The benefits of Bramhacharya

You can read tons and tons of material on the benefits of Bramacharya. However, none of these will make any difference unless you practice it. Bramacharya, in its simplest form, is the practice of celibacy. However, many texts don’t rule out sex to practice Bramacharya, as long as sex is committed within a married relationship. For one, its practice will enhance your happiness. Conversely, non-practice will lead to depression and fatigue. With happiness, you fill find more energy and creativity. You certainly will not find depression anywhere near you, for with the strength of happiness you will be able to easily recognize that you don’t get affected by things not under your control; such will be the inner strength that develops. With the abuse of sex, one certainly will be grounded in the basal chakras or energies, those close to mere reproduction that even animals do. What distinguishes a human being is his/her ability to rise beyond the basic animalistic nature. The practice of Bramacharya makes one able to feel and respond with higher emotions such as compassion and pity. Those committed to sex and abuse of sensory pleasures will be so mired in pleasures, their emotions turn cold – pretty much a lack of quality that distinguishes a higher spiritual being.

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