Great learning with small exceptions

Exceptions are part of life. Exceptions shouldn’t bring you down heavily; it is important not to get affected by such exceptions. The balance needs to stay with you. My son is a regular straight-As student. Recently in his 9th grade, as his mom went to pick him up, he was very sad. Inquiring what happened pricked the tear balloon. I believe he couldn’t finish 8 of the 20 questions and was very afraid that he would get a failed grade in the test. When asked why he thought he didn’t do well, he couldn’t come up with an answer. We could see that he was on the verge of getting seriously depressed. So we did our best to motivate him and let him know that he needs to forget this incident and go forward. We talked about exceptions happening in life and these shouldn’t be taking us down with them. He posted queries on the Internet if one failed test would cost him perfect GPA in High school. It took a week for him to get over it.

Recently – and this is after six weeks – he came up to me and said ‘Daddy, I got 92% in Math test’ and again a 98% in a second test. This change to his normal grades or lack of a pattern of continuing poor grades clearly instilled in his mind that he did encounter an exception. Now he understands that he will encounter bumps on the way and it is important to stay the due course.

BTW, he got 72% in that test he thought he did miserably. He was slow in solving all the problems. He solved 8 right, but that took him much of the time; so he couldn’t finish all the 20. Small lessons, big impact!

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