Ordinary Joes better NASCAR driving

This happens when I drop my son to High School in the morning. All this happens between 7:23 – 7:32 AM, it is that precise. Everyone is short of time, everyone is late (ok, almost); there is a beat-the-neighbor attitude – I mean, people take alternative routes to see who gets to the school faster; cars walloping at 50 mph on 35mph roads; I can see a line of vehicles tail-gating like mad. The hint of braking would cause a pile-up unlike you see on the Skukyll. Cars sneak a left turn ahead of close on-coming traffic. They (like me) get street-smart sometimes. If I see someone tailgating, at the stop sign. I make sure I leave after the oncoming car has come to a stop :). Despite all of this rat race, it is incredibly like NASCAR – there are no honks. That speaks volumes for American tolerance.

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