Yoga is your Health Insurance

Okay, we will have a new face as a President. Mr. Obama has a lot of promise. He claims that his health plan is far better than the republicans. So did John McCain. I, however, believe the changes that will come will have not much of an impact on the overall cost of health-care in this country. The fact is health-care is market driven; the doctors and hospitals are out to make money caring for your health. And throw in the middle-man – the health insurance companies – the patient doesn’t win. As long as health-care doesn’t have the really concern about caring w/o the boundaries of cost, it will still be a supply-and-demand commodity.

Anyway, I talked about the above to prove a point. What is it that you can do? Try to stay healthy. Eat healthy, sleep healthy, work healthy, live healthy. In short, don’t overdo anything; keep in mind moderation is the key to a balanced mind. Spending a half hour a day practicing Yoga is a great and inexpensive way to keep up your health. These 1/2 hour per days sessions will ultimately pay off when you look back 10, 20 years down the line how you handled the worst economic crisis in our time without losing your health.

If it is hard to practice daily, all you need is some motivation. And motivation can come cheap if you are open to it. Keep that purple yoga mat in your eyesight, say, in the family room corner. Ask you spouse to work out or better, to join a yoga class. Once they know how good it can be, they will support you. Subscribe to a yoga magazine such as ‘Yoga + Joyful Living’. This has great articles that link you to the rich spiritual past of India. You can increase your knowledge about certain Indian practices such as repeating mantras, that unfortunately less and less Indians are getting to know more about, but more and more Westerners are getting interested. Motivation comes easy if you have the determination and it can cost much less than you think. In the end, look out of your local community listings – there are many free yoga classes in the libraries, hospitals and parks. If you can assemble a group and find a space, let me know and I will gladly come and teach Yoga free of cost.

Whatever you do, remember that life is full of peaks and troughs. Everyone goes through these. The key is to stay along that median line of balance and keeping up your health provides a strong foundation for a well balanced mind.

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